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Roy Innes is a west coast writer whose published works include a crime novel series, Inspector Coswell of the RCMP, short stories and a smattering of poetry. He lives high on a bluff on Gabriola Island, looking across the Salish Sea to Vancouver, B.C.

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Author: Roy Innes

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Genre: Horror

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David Radcliffe, an eye surgeon, and his wife, Kathy, returning from a medical convention in San Francisco, bypass a highway accident by turning off onto a country road which winds through farm country near Eugene, Oregon. Totally lost when their car’s GPS fails from what appears to be a cyber blackout, they come upon ELDERVILLE, a town nowhere noted on their highway map, and with a populace they soon discover is made up entirely of old people. What begins as relief turns to terror as the couple are entrapped by a bizarre scheme to prevent them from leaving.

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