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S.A. Check is a Science Fiction / Fantasy and Comic Book writer. As a kid, he grew up on comic books, heroes and villains, conflict and cliffhangers. He read which-way books, sci-fi fantasy series, and classic horror fiction. He earned his degree in Writing from Penn State University, where he was exposed to poetry and prose, Shakespeare and Albee, anthologies and world lit.

Today he lives with his wife and teenage daughter in Southwestern Pennsylvania, enjoying all the small dramas that come his way. He remains active in the writing community and speaks at schools and writer’s groups in and around his area. He has written feature articles for Bleeding Cool Magazine, a leading periodical in the comics/entertainment genre. His short story Tangled Lines, appears in the charity anthology Hazard Yet Forward. He’s a creative contributor for American Mythology Comics, and writes for their current line of comics, to include The Three Stooges, Pink Panther, Casper, Underdog, and the original comic series Volcanosaurus among others.

His first novel, Welcome to GreenGrass, received strong reviews from industry professionals such as James Kuhoric (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, Six Million Dollar Man), being described as “Men in Black meets interplanetary Columbo”, “intriguing with a darkly humorous edge”, and “elements of noir fiction with otherworldly skullduggery”.

His second novel, Maxx Fragg, V.P.I., a para-cyber thriller, released in September of 2015, was reviewed as “refreshingly humorous and inventive”.

His work has been mentioned on various media sites such as Horror Novel Reviews, Locus Online, Previews, Scoop, Bleeding Cool, BookWire, Horror Drive-In, Metal Life, and Horror World. His work on The Three Stooges was recently on display at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, MD. He was featured in a PreviewsWorld article ‘From Prose to Panels’ where he was fortunate to share page space with authors Brad Meltzer, Charlaine Harris, and Peter David. Here’s a link to the article - Panels To Prose From the Book Store to the Comic Store.

You can visit his website, Facebook at S.A. Check, his Amazon author page, Goodreads, or shoot him a tweet @S_A_Check.

Legend Gary


Author: S. A. Check

Paperback ISBN: 9781949812459

eBook ISBN: 9781949812466

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy

Release Date 06/03/2019

Some family secrets are shocking. Gary’s are downright legendary. 

What kid wouldn’t want a family who hunts monsters in their spare time? Yeah, that’s what Gary thought too. His life was going pretty great until his dad mysteriously vanished into the desert, and his grandpa went a little extra off the deep end. That was five years ago. Now, Gary’s just trying to survive eighth-grade and figure out what Mary, his best friend, is hiding from him in that spooky old house she calls home. As if his life needed to get any stranger, a living tornado pays him a visit one morning in the school bathroom with a birthday gift from his long-lost dad.  

The one present Gary never expected was the Legend Diary, an ancient book passed down by generations to keep the tales of a nation in check. Unfortunately, the living shadow, Dastard Black, has his own plans to use the book to unleash an army of nightmares into Gary’s world. Finding an unexpected friend in the folk hero Jesse James, their search for Gary’s father leads them into the paths of the escaped fables of Cordwood Pete, the Jersey Devil, the Headless Horseman, skinwalkers, satyrs, and more. In a final stand against the legion of shadows, it’s up to Gary to save his family, his friends, and himself, by learning what it means to be a true guardian of legends.