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Sassy Sue Abbott lives in Florida with her housemates, stray and rescued kitties. She’s lived in Georgia, Washington DC, Germany, Africa, and Alaska, places that flavor her saucy books and stage her character JANICE BROWN’S romantic mystery adventures. She likes to bird watch, hunt wildflowers, and eat her way across the US and around the world. Sassy loves to fall in love.

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A Road Map to Love


The Janice Brown Series Book 1

Author: Sassy Sue Abbott

Paperback ISBN: 9781629896137

eBook ISBN: 978162896144

Genre: Romantic Mystery/Suspense

Release Date 03/06/2017



The JANICE BROWN SERIES shares misadventures of Janice and her traveling feline, Baby Kittie. Janice is an international dietetic consultant and a closet detective with a reputation for being practical and smart. As she and Baby Kittie struggle to protect the secrets of CHARLIE SMITH, her long-and-sometime lover, Janice risks heart break. She tries to stay off the radar with Charlie's underground army of bikers, strippers, and former military operatives as Charlie’s life repeatedly returns to clandestine people and places, dragging Janice into his dangerous double life. In the stories, with their plot twists and romantic turns, Janice remains true to her profession and to Charlie, the man in her heart.

A ROAD MAP TO LOVE is the first book of the Janice series. Janice and Baby Kittie wake to loud banging on her hotel room door. When she opens the door, Charlie’s friend, Miller, gives her the news that Charlie’s been shot and has bleeding chest wounds. Charlie is a man with a mysterious military past who dumped her at an island bed-n-breakfast near Key West ten years ago. Janice hasn’t seen him since. “You’ve got to get Charlie off the grid. If they find you, they’ll find the rest of us,” Miller tells her. She and Charlie (and Baby Kittie) escape and hide by running across the map from enemies who want him, and later her, dead. She’s a southern belle, but under the petticoats lives a rancher’s daughter, head strong, stubborn, and smart. Her strength is the only thing that saves Charlie when they’re attacked and his "people," a motorcycle gang, are dropping like flies. Her dietetic detective charms unravel some of the mysteries of Charlie’s past and current dilemma while eluding their attackers from Daytona Beach, to Alaska and all the way to Moscow. Is she just another prop to support his mysterious life? She loves Charlie, always has, but can she unlock her heart and forgive him after all these years? Should she?

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Mystery at the Red White & Blue

The Janice Brown Series

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899190

eBook ISBN: 9781629899206

Genre: Romantic Mystery/Suspense

Release Date 05/14/2018



Janice walks away from the kitchen with dead bodies on the floor in the Russian Chateau. Charlie’s team celebrates she has eliminated the Agency problems in Moscow. Charlie stole her heart before he stranded her at a B&B on Key West ten years ago. Being reunited on the escape to Moscow, they hope to restart their relationship. Charlie finds her and her feline companion, Baby Kittie, an apartment outside DC near his; she’s not ready to live together knowing he could disappear again.

Janice accepts a position as a dietetic consultant with the State Department using her cover identity as Army Captain Bonnie Watkins. Her mission is to work with a crusty Sergeant Major to organize the Red, White and Blue, a veteran’s outpatient diet clinic in a dilapidated strip mall across the Potomac. The assignment seemed benign until threats come her way. She must discover if the threats are from Charlie’s mysterious military past when he worked with alphabet government agencies. Charlie questions if having her in his world puts her in danger and should he reconsider the decision to reconnect with the love of his life. He tells her, “If they find you they can find me and members of my unit in ‘Nam.” Charlie’s crew has to consider that Bonnie is the target and they’ve overlooked critical details. But what and why? Surely, the threats couldn’t be related to the diet classes, scrapbook competitions and quilting workshops held after hours at the Red, White and Blue? But the activities unexpectedly uncover an imminent threat to national security. A trip to England reveals family secrets from her home at the Ranch at Bay Branch to solve the mystery at the Red, White and Blue.