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For the past 8 years, Sekji Ani has taught art at a university in the southwest US. Previous to this appointment, she earned her MFA in visual arts, also teaching art at a Boys and Girls Club in Providence and at a Spanish Language School in Tangiers. Sekji learned Arabic with a 10 year residence in Morocco and Polish while living near Krakow. When not exhibiting, writing, or walking her dog, she studies Shotokan Karate, Japanese weaponry, and magic.

Falling Down the Aether Sky


Author: Sekji Ani

Print ISBN:     9781629890944

E-Book ISBN: 9781629890951

Genre: Science Fiction

Release date 06/01/2014


Cloistered in the womb of ‘Space, the consummate hyper-virtual reality, humanity sinks into entropy as the slow decay of life, and the environment await them at the end of time. There are rumors of things in ‘Space, of people disappeared, a seductive destroyer that people at the end of their sanity go to meet in the badlands between the Slabs of virtual reality.

People converge in ‘Space and Flesh and their lives intersect. The intersecting lives are very far away in outlook and distance, but various circumstances occurring in ‘Space slowly shift their intersections tighter and tighter. There is Ruby who comes back to her hometown of Cleveland after an aimless life to work as a Courier transporting samples of information. There is Lin, imprisoned in the secure compound in Wyoming, who spends his time acquiring people, and illegal cyber-weaponry. He also steals memories from a man named DeLote.

Other people and names begin to emerge with their own agenda: J’Qwan and Hylinski, Sweetman, Marika and Berke. They all make decisions that impact their lives and slowly shift their intersections both in Flesh and ‘Space. All these lives whirl closer, until one event collides their lives and forever changes the world.

Approaching the Well of Still Time


Author: Sekji Ani

Paperback ISBN: 9781629897455

eBook ISBN: 9781629897462

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 8/7/2017


The sequel to Falling Down the Aether Sky: 

The infinite realms of cyberspace have erupted and shattered, lives blowing apart in all directions. The realization that technology is a double-edge sword unleashes fear and violence across the world. Lives are adrift, pursued by forces beyond their control. Refat, plagued by his hand in the tragedy, searches for redemption in a city, teetering on the brink of collapse. Hools and Durig flee south to find refuge in the flooded ruins of New Orleans. Greven and Hylinski play a game of deadly chess with Lawton, the manipulator, Marika becoming their reluctant soldier.  

And Ruby, at the epicenter, embarks on a perilous journey to find the source of the madness, the monster in the machine, before it destroys all of humanity. 

The convergences have collided and the maelstrom is consuming the world.

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