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Stephen Faulkner is a native New Yorker, transplanted with his wife, Joyce, to Atlanta, Georgia. Steve is now semi-retired from his most recent job and is back to his true first love – writing. He has recently had the good fortune to get stories published in such publications as Aphelion Webzine, Unhinged, Hellfire Crossroads, Temptation Magazine, Hobo Pancakes, The Erotic Review, Liquid Imagination, Sanitarium Magazine, The Satirist, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Tuck Magazine, New Concepts, Fictive Dream and Flash Fiction Magazine. He and Joyce and an ever-changing number of cats have a busy life working, volunteering at different non-profit organizations and going to the theater as often as they can find the time.

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Aliana in Paradise


Author: Stephen Faulkner

Paperback ISBN: 9781629898612

eBook ISBN: 9781629898629

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Release Date 01/29/2018


At the age of eighteen Aliana Dowlan eloped with her Creole boyfriend to his home island of Caya off the coast of Central American in the Gulf of Mexico. They lived an idyllic life of sensuous ease as if all that was necessary to life was their love for one another. Then tragedy struck in a manner that seemed almost to be predestined. In the twenty years in which she lived on Caya Aliana’s life revolved around her children and her morning ritual of swimming in the tide that gently caressed their island home.

And then the old Castle on the north bluff of the island was turned into a luxury resort. And the tourists came, bringing with them the seeds of brand new and unforeseen risks and delights, all of which Aliana would be forced to come to very surprising and personal terms.