Author Steven L. Neff

About the Author


Steven L. Neff is a psychotherapist and long time clinical practitioner, now retired. The Unseen Adversary is his third published work. He is a graduate of Thomas More College (KY) where he obtained a B.A. in English literature. He also obtained a Master’s degree and Post Graduate Certificate from Xavier University (Ohio) in clinical counseling.


Steven has been a devotee of the horror genre since childhood. Such authors as Ambrose Bierce, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, Guy de Maupassant, H.G. Wells and Oscar Wilde influence his writing. Additionally his writing reflects many years of experience in the field of counseling and psychotherapy.


As a writer he states “The innumerable qualities that lie as potential in each individual forms my basic approach to character development. They symbolically represent man’s astonishing possibilities.”


He lives in southwestern Ohio with his wife and their dogs.

The Unseen Adversary


Author: Steven L. Neff

Print ISBN:  9781950890880

eBook ISBN:  9781950890897

Genre: Occult & Supernatural

Release Date 10/28/2019

Beyond the range of human sight exists an intelligent and diabolical being who has been a nemesis to mankind for thousands of years. It is a cruel predatory stalker who is driven to torment, injure, and even kill according to its own whims and destructive desires. Helpless victims of its power and cunning have recorded encounters with this invisible creature. What they describe is too ghastly to be believed.

Craig Barton is a wealthy young man who lives an independent lifestyle of leisure and opulence. Highly educated, he is devoted to the study of paranormal and metaphysical subjects. At his antique business, Craig discovers an old diary that describes an incredible encounter with an invisible being that torments and kills a farmer in an isolated rural area during the late 1800s.

The discovery of this old diary leads Craig to begin to research this mysterious phenomenon. He soon discovers other horrifying historical accounts of such encounters by other victims. A séance held at his grand home in the countryside reveals the terrifying truth that the creature has selected him as its next victim. Craig’s investigation proceeds step by step as he moves closer to his own inevitable clash with the unseen entity. The creature seeks to control Craig’s mind and drives him to mindless, violent attacks and even attempted murder.

With all of his strength and determination, Craig fights back and discovers the creature’s vulnerabilities. He vows to destroy it. Entirely alone on his mission, he places himself in a life and death struggle to destroy the entity and bring its cruel reign of terror to an end.