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TL Jones was born Ty'esha Lashea Jones on January 4, 1989. She was born and raised in Kansas City, KS where she graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts and Science in 2007.

After graduating, TL went through a period of her life where she did not know who she was. Her path to self-discovery led her to be involved with a relationship that almost destroyed her. During this relationship she bore her daughter, Zyon. Towards the end of her relationship, her and her daughter became homeless in the early part 2014.

After picking herself up, gaining employment, and finding a place to live things were finally starting to look up in the later part of 2014. It was during this time that she inserted herself into a relationship that proved to be her Happily Ever After, but, in time, it actually led to devastation.

Hurt and confused, she wrote Happily Never After: As it is Written to distract herself from her feelings. The book became an overnight success at her place of employment and, at the urging of her friends, she submitted it to publishers. It was then that she was contacted by Cedar Loft Publishing where she was offered a three book deal based solely on the merit of her first book. After her first book was published she decided to start marketing herself. She was so good at it that she eventually became the Director of Marketing for Cedar Loft Publishing and started her own company, Guiding Starz. While published through Cedar Loft Publishing, TL wrote four books in a little over a year. Unfortunately, Cedar Loft Publishing decided to take a different direction with Marketing and solicited the help of another company, shortly after, the company closed.

Devastated, TL searched high and low to find another publisher or literary agent to but her book back on the shelf so that she could continue her fight to make her book a known presence on the NY Bestseller list. It was then that she discovered World Castle Publishing. She submitted her manuscript from her work computer and hoped for the best. A couple of weeks later, she went into labor with her second child, Zayn. It wasn’t until she came back to work that she realized that she was offered a publishing deal, and the rest is history.

One thing that TL strives to do is inform people of her past. If she can essentially go from being homeless to being a published author of four books in less than two years, anyone can achieve their dream. All it takes is drive, passion, and endurance. All things come to those who wait and keep pressing.

Happily Never After - As it is Written


Author: T. L. Jones

Paperback ISBN: 9781949812268

eBook ISBN: 9781949812275

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy/Fractured Fairytale

Release Date 12/10/2018


Meet Ellie. She is a beautiful woman who has just become a princess. She went from scrubbing floors to living in a big castle. Although her life prior to her marriage was miserable, she thought if she married a prince she would be able to start anew and live happily ever after. Ellie grew up believing that everything could be fixed with a bit of magic, a handsome prince, and unconditional love, but that’s not always the case. Although her intentions are pure, not everyone shares the same values as she. Happily Never After: As it is Written explores what really happens after the lowly maiden says “I do” to the prince. Filled with infidelity, magic, and unforeseeable twists and turns, this book answers the age-old question, Do “happily ever after’s” truly exist? Or, is it just a facade generated to give comfort before leading to an inevitable doom.

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