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Author Teresa Howard

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About the Author


Teresa Howard makes her home in Hoover, Al, where shares her abode with Gracie Jane, her furry dachshund friend. She is a life-long fan of science fiction and fantasy and her dream since childhood has been to see her books in libraries and bookstores.

In 2000 Teresa participated in a Writers Workshops taught by the late Ann Crispin and has been a regular at DragonCon’s Writers Track led by Nancy Knight for many years.

Though she was employed for many years as a technology coordinator and computer lab instructor in the Birmingham School System, Teresa’s passions remained writing science fiction and fantasy and researching genealogy.  Many of her stories have elements of both.  Her work covers a wide range of speculative fiction and has been published in magazines, anthologies, webzines, and on iPhone aps in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.  

To learn more about Teresa’s novels and short fiction visit her Amazon Author’s page. Teresa Howard: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Aldebar Home Audio.jpg

Aldebar Home


Author: Teresa Howard

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336014

eBook ISBN: 9781958336021

Genre: YA Sci-Fi Fantasy

Release Date 5/30/2020

Looks can be deceiving. Kelli looks like a typical teen, but she is far from average. At seventeen, she is beautiful, a genius with computers, and a master criminal. What she isn’t, is human. Tortured by that fact, Kelli is willing to do anything to find out the truth about the father who abandoned her years ago. The father she knew and loved as a young child was an imposter. DNA had proven that he had been an alien. Not just someone from a foreign country, he was from another planet, and she was the result of his “first contact” with humans.

“Come Home!” The words pierced her dream like a javelin hurled across space and time, dragging her from a nightmare.

Following that summons, Kelli begins a quest to solve the mystery of who and what her father was. She joins the first interplanetary student exchange and travels to Aldebar, a planet with seven sentient species. Will she find answers there among the diverse peoples? Will she find a home? Her extraordinary journey will include a notorious info-raider, a sentient computer program with a deadly subroutine, and the honorable, ever truthful Degg. With their help, she will attempt to unlock the secret of who and what she is and find a home where it is okay not to be human.

Prophecy's Daughter 1800x2700.jpg

Prophecy's Daughter


Author: Teresa Howard

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: YA Sci-Fi Fantasy

Release Date to be determined

From Emma’s creation as a frozen embryo in a madman’s lab on Earth to her reign as High Priestess of Nellar on Aldebar, she struggles to fulfill her destiny. Gallandra proclaimed her the daughter of prophecy, one sent to reconcile the peoples of Aldebar, but Emma is too young to bear such responsibility, and Galandra is no longer there to guide her.

To fulfill her destiny, Emma must uncover secrets hidden from everyone except the High Priestess. The Stones warn her that not all secrets are safe to tell. What will happen if she shares the truth of their origins and their sins? Will the peoples of Aldebar love her or hate her? Will they embrace the truth of hate the messenger? Not even the Stones, with all their wisdom and power, can guide her. They fear the truth and have kept the secret and their part in it hidden for thousands of years. Is it time to let the truth shine?

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