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V. Goedicke is the seventh of eight children born in Wyoming and reared in Colorado. After completing his service in the United States Marine Corp, he spent the next twenty some-odd years working in the oil and gas industry. During his time in the Marines and with the oil and gas industry he traveled the globe. While he developed his love of books in the Marines, it was that later his appreciation of stories grew while spending long periods of time on distant shores. His background has been in technical fields and he enjoys the unique challenges they provide. His love of science fiction coupled with his technical background inspired him with his writing. He currently resides in Tennessee with his family and enjoys the inspiration he receives from his family and the beautiful landscape around his home.

The story of Tom Young dates back to V. Goedicke’s days in high school where he first developed his taste for science fiction. It was while he was in high school that the science fiction genre piqued his imagination and this story first took hold in his head. It was during his time abroad and his opportunities to work in different countries and with people of varied cultures, that the story further developed. Once he had a family of his own, he drew further inspiration from his wife and seven children. While the story of Tom Young has been inspired by many influences in his life, it was that fact that science and faith always seemed to be at odds in most of tales he had read, motivated him to write this story. The author noticed, from reading science fiction novels, that science showed it was somehow contrary to faith. To him, science is the handmaiden of faith. V. Goedicke felt that faith should be a critical part of the story of Tom Young.

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Tom Young - Griffin


Author: V. Goedicke

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895390

eBook ISBN: 9781629895406

Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date 10/03/2016


Over a century into the future, the world is in the midst of a savage war. A Marine, tormented by his own sorrowful past, is assigned to an orbiting space station to help work on a prototype vessel which finally might help win the war. A mad man tries to use the current technology in an attempt to commit the genocide of the human race. The Marine must not only confront the genocidal lunatic, but attempt to stop the insanity playing out before him. All those that he cared about were killed and he only hopes he can somehow put a stop to the destruction of the world he called home. During a desperate attempt to stop the cataclysmic destruction, the Marine is cast out into the cold of space.

Three hundred years later, mankind is now traveling the stars in Humanity’s latest ship, but the effort has cost the crew more trouble than seems worth their effort. The UESS Vincent Capadanno is currently undergoing repairs next to a giant planet in a lifeless solar system. While attempting to locate the needed resources to get the large ship running, the crew discovers a vessel from Earth’s past and a single man at the helm of the derelict ship. This discovery has brought a troublesome mystery for the leaders aboard the Capadanno. The man is revived but in the process, clues are discovered to the most devastating period in Earth’s history. Griffin is the first part in the story of Tom Young and the evils he must face.